afropunk paris: libération des cheveux!

July 15, 2018

Photos by Ojoz @ojoz for AFROPUNK

The Black Hair Revolution in Paris is in full unregulated regalia at AFROPUNK! It is a symbol, a signifier of the global movement for Black Liberation.

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Name: Makeda Monnet IG: @miaoumiaor
“I define myself as mixed and full of different colors.”

Name: Banim Sarah IG: @paris2seoul
“It’s all about love.”

Name: Odile Gautreau
“Sometimes people think I’m an albino, I’m not. I’m just a redhead with a big fro.”

Name: Obela Assina
“I define myself as a flower on earth. I like to change identity through my outfit and made this one myself.”

Name: Akeda Douni IG: @akedaworld
“I’m Congolese and my mission through my creations is to bring African chic and royalty vibes without using wax. I create makeup and hairstyle around that concept and for this one I’ve inspired myself from tribe.”

Name: Océane Aïssani IG: @negroceane
“Before I shaved my head I used to wear my big afro and people always look at me as a weirdo and always wanted to touch my hair like I live in a fancy white neighborhood. Now that I shaved my head, I really affirm myself and feel free. That always reminds me of Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair”. That’s my story.”

Name: K.ZIA / IG:@KZI.A