top 5 biggest lies the police spew about black people

June 28, 2018
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By Kwame Shakir, AFROPUNK contributor


All black communities across this country are under heavy siege by an illegitimate colonial army known as the police who are among the most violent and destructive henchmen for The U.S. Colonial State.

Also, police containment is part of gentrification because one of the main plans of the colonial city governments across the country is to use their violent murderous henchmen in police to not only facilitate our containment but to also forcibly remove us from our own communities to pave way for the white elitists to force and shove their lifestyle down our community’s throats.

An example of this happened about five months ago on January 15th in St. Petersburg, Florida where the corrupted city government there deliberately put the entire black community on the south side of the city was put under a full scale military lockdown to not only prevent them from celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, but to also crush any form of economic development on that day which is reflective of the vicious economic quarantines that the white ruling class have put on the black community in south St. Pete.

Here are top 5 lies that the police spew about the black community.

1. There’s A “War On Police” – This is actually a lie because, over the past six centuries, the colonial state has declared war on black people ever since its attack on Africa and African people. The colonial state in the form of the police have declared war on blacks for decades and we’ve seen them murder Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Tyron Lewis, Aiyana Jones, Rekia Boyd, Korryn Gaines, Sandra Bland, Laniya Miller, Ashaunti Butler, Dominque Battle, Greg Gunn, Lonnie Smith Jr, Holly Knighton, Bernard Winehurst, Laquan MacDonald, Tamir Rice, and countless other black people who have been viciously murdered at the hands of the police.

2. There’s A “War On Drugs” – This is also a lie because this is also a war on black people in the form of deliberately pushing the illegal drug economy into our community to not only fund an illegal war that was going on in South America, but to also lock young black men in particular up for possessing even an ounce of crack and then getting us killed over “drug turf” as well as drug-fueled horizontal violence so that they can come in and “clean up the problem” by arresting us in droves and then bragging about these “heroes” taking down these “criminals and thugs”.

3. Black Teens Are Most Likely To Steal Cars – This too is also a lie because white teens steal cars all the time, but are never even arrested nor charged with the crime because they’re referred to by police and the media as “joyriders”, black teens steal cars far less than white teens and if black teens steal a car, they are immediately arrested, criminalized, and slandered by the police and the colonial media in the form of bringing up their “rap sheet” to try to justify the criminalization of black teens.

4. The Black Community Is Filled With Gangsters And Thugs – This is another lie the police like to often perpetuate about our community when in reality the vast majority of us don’t even participate in criminal activity, let alone the illegal drug economy imposed on our community because most of us are decent hard working class black people who do their best to provide not only for ourselves but also provide for our children as well.

5. There Needs To Be More Police Officers In The Schools – This is a lie designed to manipulate the general public to believe that more police are needed in predominantly black schools when in fact most schools shootings that happen are carried out by white teenage boys at predominantly white schools where you see absolutely no heavy militarization or police presence at all, but the main reason why you see metal detectors and police officers at many predominantly black schools nowadays is to not only to prevent black kids from rising up against the oppression they face daily at the hands of these white nationalist teachers and administrators but to also continue the criminalization and incarceration of our children.

The Conclusion – Whatever comes out of the mouth of the police that run rampant throughout our communities on a daily basis and harass, assault, and murder us, never ever believe them.