new play dares to imagine a world without white supremacy, queer-antagonism, capitalism

June 5, 2018
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What would a world without anti-Blackness, without white supremacy, without capitalism, without queer-antagonism be like?
This is probably one of THE most important questions one can ask, and one of the most important things one can dare to imagine.

When we limit our imagination, we settle for goals within an oppressive and anti-black system, as opposed to working to replace it with something better. We attack “radical” activists for being “negative” and “delusional”, we think capitalism can be “humane” and “well-meaning” and come up with all kinds of bullsh*t to rationalize our inability to picture a better world.

Poet and playwright Timothy DuWhite challenges us to think about what happens to those deemed “too hard to love” in his play ‘Neptune’ premiering at Dixon Place in New York July 13-28. What can those who are not willing to, or cannot “assimilate” into a toxic world do? DuWhite tells AFROPUNK: “Neptune is my abolitionist attempt to construct a world to which I have no current blueprint other than my desire for me and mine to live happy, fulfilled, joyous lives. Black people deserve Neptune”.
Through the story of a Black and queer character at the intersection of several systemic patterns of discrimination and oppression, we can indeed explore how to love those deemed “unlovable”. DuWhite explains: “I created this play because I needed to believe that a place outside of anti-blackness, queer-antagonism, white supremacy, capitalism, etc., could exist in this world. Neptune is my modest attempt to journey to a place for those (like myself) who feel like the idea of being truly loved by anyone (or thing) is preposterous.”
Much needed work in these critical times where increased consciousness faces constant attacks from conservatives and progressives alike who seriously lack imagination. Those who dare to think outside the box could very well be onto something, just sayin’…
Let’s support this talent from the community through their search for a better world.
Tickets available here.