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movie premiere: “all kids go to hell” after messing with an ouija board in this satirical animated short

June 22, 2018

Two kids accidentally ask the devil to adopt them in Chaz Bottom’s latest animated short, “All Kids Go To Hell”. A satirical film inspired by old-school Warner Bros. animation and Bottom’s cheeky imagination, “All Kids” follows the orphaned siblings who unknowingly use an Ouija board and, uh, summon their new parent. Is having Satan as a father better than being an orphan?

“All Kids Go To Hell” has premiered at film festivals all around the world including, 2018 Cannes Short Film Corner, 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival, 2018 CineYouth Film Festival, 2017 DePaul Premiere Film Festival, 2017 World Animation Celebration, and many others. It was written, animated, and storyboarded by Bottoms with help from composer Mac Melto and my sound engineer Kyle Eskra and the film features performances by Davu Smith as Dame, Khloe Janel as Danielle, Terrance Drye as Bub, and Alejandra Vivanco as Sister Mona.