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Feel the bone shattering explosion of punk/hip-hop band Samurai Shotgun’s “The Blast”

June 1, 2018
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“We are many
There is no beating us”

Since their bone shattering appearance at the 2015 AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, we’ve been all about Samurai Shotgun. The hip-hop / punk outfit’s last record Riptide took the explosive energy of their live show and bottled it. Their latest single “The Blast,” uncorks it and lets it do some damage. Featuring fiery vocals from Matteo, and some of Quey’s best turntable work to date, it’s the perfect encapsulation of what Samurai Shotgun is all about.

Samurai Shotgun call “The Blast” the first of many new singles and videos they’ll be dropping this year. Check them out at