d.i.y. wig-making meets avant-garde hairstyling thanks to this creative designer

June 28, 2018
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Feast your eyes on the avant-garde beauty of alternative hairstylist Alyssa Turner aka @theworldsfavorite_hairstylist. Recognized for her imaginative hairstyles, Alyssa transforms hair into sculpture. In one piece using safety pins to create the most epic wig and outfit, I’ve ever seen to using hair as textile seamlessly integrating it with traditional textiles. Sounds like a hot mess, but Alyssa’s work is truly something to behold. Which looks are your fav?

Vegas Giovanni Photography | Alyssa T | 2015

Photo credits:
Hairstylist /creative director – @theworldsfavorite_hairstylist
Photographers  – @jmicaphotographer, @Photomaticsmith, @vegasgiovanni
Models – @goldenxcee and @theworldsfavorite_hairstylist