Celebrate the black roots & redemptive power of rock with alt rebels Harville’s new track

June 6, 2018

“No T-Bone Walker
There would be no Beatles tunes”

Brooklyn’s Harville is one of the most exciting bands to come up in the past year. Their fiery blend of alt rock, soul, and hip-hop gives them a unique sound in a scene often obsessed with conforming to what’s in. Harville’s latest single “Spill” is a tribute to the power of rock to transform the world. Singer Jonathan Singletary enumerates the black roots of rock, citing a youth spent studying Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters, before getting down to the anthemic closing line: “we won’t survive these divided states.” Lots of rock bands have songs about the redemptive power of rock, but few have the sincerity or power of Harville.