premiere: all is fair in love and war in this sultry new music video from soulection’s insightful

June 14, 2018
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Austin hip-hop artist Kydd Jones and Soulection’s Insightful have teamed up for the sultry new single, “War Paint”, a synth-heavy, high hat-driven tune hypnotizes with its melodic composition and ultra smooth lyricism. “Lipstick on my collar like war paint”, the psychedelic R&B soundscape whisks you onto the battlefield—a bedroom—where all matters of love and war are fair game. Shot in Austin by director Kade Fresco, the two collaborators vibes on the track together right away.

“As soon as Insightful sent me the beat, I was like “Damn, this is a vibe!” So I locked myself in my home studio and the record was basically done in the next hour,” Kydd Jones tells AFROPUNK. “The concept came from me playing off what Insightful had named the beat (which was “Lipstick”) … so I’m thinking pacing back and forth and hits me… lipstick is like warpaint if your girl finds it on your collar or anywhere on you… You dead!! And the video was like the foreshadow of all the promiscuous things going on so basically it was War Paint in action”

“Since I’ve known Kydd, I’ve always wanted to do produce something like War Paint for him,” says INsightful. “I literally made the beat in a dining room in North Hollywood, sent it to him, and got a pretty much complete song within a few days.