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afropunk solution sessions ep. 2: a seat at the table

June 12, 2018
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For Black people, the right to vote was hard won. But now that we’ve got it, we’re working to elect people who fight for Black rights and also represent Black interests. On the second episode of AFROPUNK SOLUTION SESSIONS, “A Seat at the Table”, Three Point Strategies founder Jessica Byrd breaks down the way electoral politics have left Black people out, but also how it has the power to create real change in our communities. Our hosts Bridget Todd and Yves Jeffcoat talk with Mary-Pat Hector, who ran for City Council in Stonecrest, Georgia when she was only 19; and to Stacey Abrams, poised to be the first Black female Governor in the U.S. in the state of Georgia. They discuss the importance of representation in government, and of tackling the issues that matter.

We also hear from Mũthoni Wambu Kraal from Emily’s List, from AFROPUNK festival attendee Mauricia Grant, and from AFROPUNK correspondent Kory Oliver about what it means to run for office as a Black American — and how we’re pulling up more seats at the table.

We get into:

  • Electing diverse political leaders who reflect different voices
  • Asking questions of our leaders and engaging in politics despite marginalization
  • Getting out of our comfort zone to run for office


  • Do your research.
  • Find motivation in anger.
  • There’s more to building power than just voting.
  • Fight back.
  • To learn more about Emily’s List go HERE
  • To understand how Three Point Strategies is reshaping the electoral movement and to join, go HERE
  • Black Women In Politics tracks great candidates throughout the U.S. and outlines the history of women of color running for office.

Featured in this episode:


Stacey Abrams

Politician, Attorney + Author

Stacey Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, romance novelist, and businesswoman who was the house minority leader for the Georgia General Assembly and state representative for the 89th House District. Abrams is the Democratic nominee in the 2018 Governor race for Georgia, the first black female major party gubernatorial nominee in the United States.


Mary-Pat Hector

National Youth Director of NAN and Founder of Just Think Twice

Mary-Pat Hector (just 19) knows how to change the world. She grew a community service project into a non-profit: Youth in Action USA which became this nation’s fastest growing youth lead organizations. She also become the youngest woman and person of color to run for political office in the state of Georgia at the age of 19.


Muthoni Wambu Kraal

Vice President, National Outreach and Training, EMILY’s List

Mŭthoni Wambu Kraal is the Vice President of National Outreach and Training where she oversees the implementation of EMILY’s List training programs and creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with the progressive community and beyond. Wambu Kraal joined the EMILY’s List family in 2009 as the western regional director for the Political Opportunity Program, now known as the State and Local Campaigns team. She most recently led the candidate pipeline development arm of that team, as the Senior Director for State Engagement and Development.


Jessica Byrd

Founder, Three Point Strategies

Jessica Byrd is a Black queer feminist and a relationship driven political operative working at the intersection of social justice and electoral politics at her firm, Three Point Strategies. She has worked on campaigns in 43 states and led national programs such as The Blue Institute, Democracy in Color and The Black Campaign School to clear the path for political participation of Black people and people of color.