wynton marsalis says rap is more damaging than confederate statues…

May 23, 2018
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Appearing on columnist Jonathan Capehart’s “Cape Up” podcast, jazz musician Wynton Marsalis opened up about his antipathy towards rap and hip-hop saying that there’s more harm down by that kind of music than there is done by Confederate statues. “I feel that that’s much more of a racial issue than taking Robert E. Lee’s statue down”, “There’s more niggers in that than there is in Robert E. Lee’s statue.” Well, then.

It’s not that there isn’t a far point to be made when we talk about the violent imagery in hip-hop. Hip-hop, like other genres, can be toxic. Even “conscious rap” is littered with problematic ideology. Why the need to equate hip-hop to institutional anti-blackness? Isn’t that the same thing as bringing up “black on black crime” during conversations about police brutality and white supremacy?