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the queer & trans caribbean community pay a tender homage to their love in moving photo series

May 11, 2018
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There is no greater love than the type captured by Brianna Roye.

That is, a love in itself, as itself, with no intention of changing; and thanks to her latest photo seriesĀ “Out of Many, One People”, the Jamaican-Canadian photographer grants the queer and trans community of Toronto’s Caribbean diaspora a place to exhale.

Showcasing beauties across the spectrum, Roye‘s representative homage to Queer love uses art as activism as it counters the widespread politics of the Caribbean, subtlety speaking to the power in lineage and change.There is a quiet tenderness to these images- exuding a confidence and contentment strong enough to blind any opposition. Each subject, deriving from Caribbean descent and identify as Queer and/or Trans, is unapologetically them, unapologetically in love, and there is no better activism than simply screaming who you are.

“Out of Many, One People” speaks volumes, and capturing a redemptive love, its courageous homage to blackness, queerness, and the self AS IS, sets the tone for a new chapter of artivism.


Roye’s offering is right on time, check out the moving series below!