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the black hair journey is redefined in this beautifully redemptive interview series

May 4, 2018
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Black is beautifullll and black HAIR is even MORE beautifullllll- but not everyone feels this way,

and ironically enough a large percentage of those who don’t praise it… are the ones that have it.¬†This narrative is one that desperately needs to shift with the tide, and thanks to a collective new video series ‘Black Hair Is…’ the journey to self-love and hair appreciation proposes itself as redemption.

Created by Un-ruly and Yeluchi cofounder Antonia Opiah,’Black Hair Is…’ is a debate in essence, and a ready-made path to healing; interviewing 6 women with relaxers, and 6 with natural hair the project highlights their different opinions and experiences- all while bridging a gap between aesthetic preference and personal identity.

The black hair journey is- for anyone blessed with texture- a complicated trek through emotion, comparison, trial and (fsholy) error, and for the internalized virus that is Colorism, the stratification of black hair is in itself horizontal oppression. Now, whatever kind of messed up formula set in place causing the oppressed to oppress themselves is way too deep and colonial to unpack right now, BUT with Opiah’s beautiful reminder every follicle of black curl belongs to the head it springs from, this issue of rank and worth can fall by the wayside.

It’s time we black women worry about ourSELVES and our own heads, and as we collectively redefine what it means to have ‘Black Hair’, projects like ‘Black Hair Is…’ can be the template for a movement.

Watch the ongoing ‘Black Hair Is…’ here, and check out stills and interviews from the series below!