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special needs superhero series features characters with autism, depression, deafness & more

May 30, 2018
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Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront in Joshua Leonard’s superhero cartoon “Team Supreme”. Partially inspired by Sesame Street’s newly introduced character Julia, the show’s first Muppet with autism, Joshua realized just how many young people with disabilities deserve to be positively represented in the media. “What inspired me to create Team Supreme was the fact that I know a lot of people who have a child with a special need, one of those special needs being autism,” Leonard explained to A Plus. “I was able to learn and study from their lifestyles, which is where I found out about splinter skills. That’s when someone on the autism spectrum can master something like memorizing the names of everyone who worked on a Disney film after watching it a few times. That’s like having a superpower!”

And thus “Team Supreme” was born! Not only is Team Supreme quality content for lovers of comics and fantasy with disabilities but for everyone who is interested in learning about the extraordinary qualities and gifts differently abled people have to share with the world.