premiere: the mental health issues faced by creatives inspired this visual project

May 30, 2018

‘outside-in’ is the deeply personal visual project by noiresoul that explores the very real struggles many creatives experience as it pertains to their mental health. For Mental Health Awareness Week (May 14th-20th), the duo has produced a project in which they hope to demonstrate their own personal struggles with wellness through photography. Highlighting issues specific to the stresses of university life, including anxiety and hiding behind a persona to fit in with others, this project calls out the facades that we wear and are less healthy coping mechanisms.

“noiresoul are a duo based in Hertfordshire and London, UK. They met at university and began working on projects together, for themselves and clients, executing their creative visions through direction and photography. End of 2017, it became more difficult to create with Narah moving back to London and Karis leaving university. They were battling independently with their health and wellbeing, but only in coming together one evening did they unintentionally share their struggles, finding peace, confidence and clarity in moving forward and now presenting the stories they had been holding captive. We, present