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premiere: be haunted by metal trio vodun’s afrofuturist video for “spirits past”

May 17, 2018
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Everything about UK metal trio Vodun is larger than life, so of course the video for their latest single “Spirits Past” isn’t a video so much as it’s a short film. Directed by Noomi Spook, the video finds a young woman in a sci-fi world subjected to experiments and tests. Intercut with footage of the band rocking the everloving fuck out, she calls out to her ancestors for strength and overcomes her captors.

Noomi Spooks’ Afrofuturist visuals contrasts and plays with Vodun’s imagery, creating something that’s literally timeless; simultaneously ancient and futuristic. Vodun has been consistently raising the bar since exploding out with “Oya,” and with “Spirits Past,” they’ve created their most ambitious statement yet.

Singer Chantal Brown calls the song “a war cry.” She explains, “The song was written by recognising similarities in previous historical global events and our own current state of affairs, and gaining an understanding of what our ancestors did to battle such prejudices. This current feeling of deja vu pushes us to draw upon the strength and tenacity of all peoples, their lives and spirits, who have already laid the foundations for the fight, and the advancement of equality within every corner of civilisation.”

Vodun’s new record ASCEND drops September 7th. You can pre-order it here and get an instant download of the ‘SPIRITS PAST’ single.