beautiful dark skin, textured natural hair, and black sisterhood are celebrated in this photo series

May 1, 2018
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You know we love fashion here and our appreciation for rad style and aspirational editorial continues with the ‘Fondacija’ editorial. Shot by Renan Buken and Julio Cesar, ‘Fondacija’ is taken from the Bosnian word meaning “Foundation”. And through this visual exploration featuring a trio of black models, the photographers hoped to portray a delicate balance of intimacy, closeness, and compassion between these women, a foundation of inherent black sisterhood that is so often denied to us by society and even by each other at times.

*Photographers – Renan Buken (@renanbuken)/ Júlio César (@olimiro_)
*Styling – Cesar Barbosa (@cesarhbarbosa)
*Collection/production – Gabriela Lopes Cardozo (@ga.cardoso)
*Models – Junia Evaristo (@juniaju_) / Lidyane Carvalho (@lidyblackdiamond) / Nérida Cocamáro (@ncocamaro)