AirBnB house owner says Bob Marley’s granddaughter’s group was rude, neighbor was right to call police

May 11, 2018
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THIS JUST IN: Fashionable group of Black folks caught red handed moving suitcases out of their Airbnb! Cops flooded the scene but as the attitude’s of those in question grew “rude”, and White discomfort levels reached an all-time high they were forced to take further action!!

Ok so, 1: Imagine if this was real, and 2: it is.

Earlier this week we learned about the ridiculous detaining of Bob Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, and her friends as they were checking out of their Airbnb in Rialto, CA, after a white neighbor most likely assumed burglary and called the police.

But now, an added bonus: the owner of the bnb- Marie Rodriguez- is actually defending her neighbor’s actions, stating they were initiated by Pendergast and her friend’s ‘rude behavior’, and had nothing at all to do with race.

In her own words: “They’re making it sound like it’s racially motivated, and it has nothing to do with that. It’s all over social media. It was based on their rudeness and lack of good nature that caused her to call the police. It had nothing to do with being black,” going on to directly defend the neighbor, she states:

“strange people, strange people, in a suburban neighborhood, and they’re not friendly…she called the police and I don’t blame her”

…. hm, that makes sense, seeing as the justice system is set up for the comfort of white feelings and pride anyway, it makes complete sense. It also makes sense that Prendergast intends to sue the Rialto Police department as this issue turns from blatant racism, to internalized fear of cultural difference.

So YES, compared to white suburbia, Prendergast’s energy is one of a powerful, Black, Jamaican Queen- and as history proves time and again, there’s nothing more threatening than an unapologetic Black body. And NO, it is not ok to qualify this arrest from the perspective of white fear, because it is fabricated and habitized and TIRED hunny.

I’m over it.