afro-uruguayan creatives address lack of representation in this haunting photo series

May 24, 2018
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In the face of underrepresentation—create. That’s what the Afro-Uruguayan creatives behind this did. Aiming to fill the spaces left void by commercial media representation and Afro-heritage erasure. So this series features model and activist Romina Di Bartolomeo from Uruguay, a country with a 10% Afro-descendant population. A population that also experiences the highest levels of poverty, low access to education, and general social marginality. The invisibility occurs within the media and society at large. Through this photo series, Romina hopes to shine a light on this hidden population and the power of all African descendant women.

Photo_ @_alvin_ph
Model_ @theromarioss
Stylist_ @gon_guigou
Hair_ @nachosarube_estudio