why aren’t we there for these mostly black high school students like we were for parkland?

April 11, 2018
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Unlike the mostly white students at Stoneman Douglas High School, the students at Miami Northwestern Senior High School’s are standing up against gun violence without the support of the entire country behind them. Mourning the loss of a 10th-grade student and a former student who was killed in Liberty City, a local housing project at the end of March and two additional students who were shot over the weekend, students at the high school organized and executed a massive walkout that’s now in it’s the second day.

Different from Stoneman Douglas, yes, the community that Miami Northwestern serves has been victimized by a consistent stream of gun violence and homicides. Does the fact that their community isn’t safe in the same way school classrooms are no longer safe, matter as much as it did for Parkland? I have a feeling these brave students are just as determined to have their voices heard and we need to be there to amplify them.