this atlanta-based artist turns heads with her whimsical and imaginative illustrations

April 30, 2018
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Ooo la-la, behold the glorious work of Atlanta-based artist and illustrator Aziza Andre! A sequential artist with an illustrative bent, Andrea uses bold color palettes and expressive line to blur the lines between traditional comics and digital art. Her meticulous attention to detail sucks you into her brightly colored world of original characters and tributes to iconic people and moments in black culture. Full of whimsy and imagination, Andre’s wide-range of subject matter and stylistic choices, is well worth your attention.

See more of Aziza’s work on Behance and Instagram.

Aziza Andre’
Pen & Ink–Adobe PS
P.O. Box 799 Fairburn GA 30213
April 2018
P.O. Box 799 Fairburn GA 30213
Traditional & Adobe Photoshop
February 2018
Aziza Andre’
P.O. Box Fairburn GA, 30213
Fall 2017
ILLU325-Editorial Illustration
Graphite Pencil,Charcoal,Adobe Photoshop