this 7-year-old was the only one to walk out at her school for #nationalschoolwalkout

April 23, 2018
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During last week’s National School Walkout to protest gun violence, 7-year-old Havana Edwards was the only student at her elementary school to participate in the national day of resistance. Unlike many of the older students at schools across the country, Havana didn’t receive the same support of her peers or school, but that didn’t stop her for wanting to take a stance to fight for what she believes is right. Meaning she’s probably more bad ass than you or I were at her age. “You are never too little to make a difference,” Havana told Teen Vogue. “I know that just because I am only seven doesn’t mean that I can’t help other people every day. My advice to other kids is that you don’t have to be a grownup or be famous to change the world. Sometimes you just have to choose kind to change the world.”



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