these detailed digital portraits play with realism as they illuminate the black form

April 6, 2018
331 Picks

Visual artist Jasmin Anita is raising alllllll types of bars with her illustrations, and we’re more than here for it.

With her stunningly meticulous attention to detail, the self proclaimed “Pansexual Princess” makes her characters a (borderline) reality; giving them an ethereal realism unmatched in many of the digital art gracing the mainstream. As she plays with texture and contrast, her work comes alive- taking afro-realism in itself to another realm.

In the amazing race to artistically translate the black body, there comes variation after variation of portraiture and product, but with , the images take a life of their own: coming correct and ready to slay. The intensities of each work not only succeed the bounds of digital realism, but take your senses for a ride with their captivating illusions.

Straddling the line of fact and fiction,with  an added mysticism transports viewers into the world of the subject artist Jazmin Anita has managed to do the most… in the best way.

Check out some of our favorite pieces below!