Blac Rabbit

Blac Rabbit EP

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Blac Rabbit


rock out to psych garage band blac rabbit’s self-titled ep, it’s the uplift you need right now

April 23, 2018
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Blac Rabbit’s self-titled EP was destined to be a soundtrack to summer. From the irresistible energy of the lead track “All Good,” to the hooks of “Over the Rainbow,” this is an album that instantly transports you to a chill afternoon with fuck-all to do. The best moments come when the garage band opens up and lets their psychedelic tendencies loose. “Mindspace” stretches 2 chords over 5 minutes creating ripples of ambiance to dive into, while closer “I Don’t Mind If You’re Around,” finds the band marrying the best of their instincts; breezy hooks on top of waves of chill. This is the uplift we’ve all been waiting for.

Grab the album from the band’s Bandcamp, and if you’re in NYC, check Blac Rabbit out tonight at Knitting Factory.