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PREMIERE: Short doc ‘Medusa, Black hair and other myths’ debunks stereotypes about black hair

April 13, 2018

The Black hair journey is universal- and no matter the region, class, or background, the thicker the curl, the thicker the navigation becomes.

In Johanna Makabi and Adèle Albrespy’s latest documentary ‘Méduse, Cheveux Afro et Autres Mythes’, this navigation is dissected from the perspective of those living through it- deconstructing widespread myths and the cultures surrounding them. Traveling from Paris, to London, Dakar, and back to Marseille- this short film tackles the many forms of black hair and the power of in taking pride in our roots.

This film is necessary, and right on time: pulling from the experiences of both men and women who find themselves in the midst of hair journeys of their own, ‘Méduse, Cheveux Afro et Autres Mythes’ is a template for redemption as it translates the totality of an experience. Shedding light on widespread insecurities- the trials and the triumphs- and zeroing in on their historical connotations, this project offers a platform for connection in the most relatable way.

From braids, to plaits, to weaves, perms, fades, high-tops, and every afro in between- Makabi and Albrespy have created and curated a call-to-action for all to see.

As powerful as it is entertaining, travel the lengths of Black hair and check out Johanna Makabi and Adèle Albrespy’s ‘Méduse, Cheveux Afro et Autres Mythes’

*** UPDATE: the movie is taken offline for the time being ***