"Your Love"




premiere: eclectic jazz group freelance releases passionate love letter to the african diaspora

April 19, 2018
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Amongst all the noise of today is Revive Music’s FREELANCE “Your Love”. The song is a visceral melting pot that tells the story of a romantic courtship that leads to a journey through the African diaspora. With melodic conventions, an eclectic mix of rhythms, jazz fusion, boom-bap, and afro-beat, FREELANCE honors the musical legacy of Fela Kuti, bridging the gaps between music from the continent and from the diaspora. The masterful song features songwriter/producer Smithsoneon, Darren Barrett (trumpet), Lomar Brown (saxophone), Mitch Henry (organ), Brandon Mayes (percussion), Brandee Younger (harp) and the Solar String Quartet

“Your Love” is a thematic derivative of the “now or never” ethos at the heart of Yes Today that suggests the time to love is now,” the band tells AFROPUNK. The song tells a story of romantic pursuit that travels the length of the African diaspora according to its melodic conventions and myriad schools of rhythm. The composition is a nod to the stylistic influences that combine to create the melting pot music that is the Freelance calling card. The melody floats above the chorus as Smithsoneon peppers the track with rhythmic verses that borrow heavily from hip-hop cadences.”