pop artist kamara townes uses satire to denounce racism

April 17, 2018
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Loving the shit out of illustrator Kamara Townes, aka ArtByWednesday, witty paintings, and pop art portraits! Throwing some major shade at Becky’s (or should I say Barbie’s) who step out of their lanes to do causally racist crap to black folks, Karama’s illustrations make commentary about being a black person in white society. From trying to insert grubby fingers into our beautiful kinky, coily textures to the fetishization of black men as sex objects, Kamara challenges black accessibility to white people in a playful, clever way. In addition to her Barbie posters, Kamara expresses her appreciation of black culture by creating portraits from iconic black moments and popular black figures.

Check out a few of our favorite pieces below, and shop for prints at Kamara’s shop, and follow her on Instagram.