jill scott is the soul-stirring, body-positive goddess the world needed

April 4, 2018
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From the soul-stirring to the sensual. The heartbreaking to shackles-breaking. Jilly from Philly is one of the greatest soul vocalists of our time and for that we wish her an exceptional birthday today!
Not only gifted as a performer, Miss Jill Scott’s discography is packed with deeply resonant and emotionally vulnerable lyricism that has touched scores of listeners in their most isolated and heartbroken moments.

She also fully owns and embodies her sexuality, not shying away from the erotic, but also reflects on vulnerability and what healthy sexuality means:

Uplifting us when the time to wallow has ended, with unconditional self-love, optimism, and empowerment in the face of ex and future lovers:

On the screen, Scott has brought her accessibility and warmth to new audiences, captivating us once again with her star-power and reliability.

Happy Birthday, Miss Jill Scott!