AFROPUNK Mixtape #40

The People Resist

Punk | Hip-Hop | Alternative | House Music | R&B



celebrate worldwide resistance with afropunk mixtape #40 feat. the fever 333, young fathers, dookoom, mélissa laveaux, and more

April 2, 2018

Resistance is nothing new. We’ve been resisting against white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy since day one. On our latest Mixtape #40 “The People Resist”, we celebrate resistance worldwide, with artists representing the US, Haiti, South Africa, France, the UK, Germany, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Cameroon. This is the sound of a resistance beyond hashtags and symbolic gestures. It is the sound of liberation.

Resistance is survival, not just a hashtag. But if it’s going to be a social media call to political arms, let’s make that fucker count!

‘The People Resist’ is our motto for this year’s AFROPUNK festivals. Paris, New York, ATL, get ready!

* Artwork photo by Dennis Manuel

01. Intro
02. THE FEVER 333 – Made An America
03. Shopping – Suddenly Gone
04. NoMBe – Can’t Catch Me
05. Interlude (The People)
06. Young Fathers – Turn
07. Pleasure Venom – Seize
08. KOKOKO! – Tsongos’a
09. Rhea Blek – Teenage Dreams
10. Interlude (The People)
11. Maramza – Uwrongu (ft. Bonj Mpasa)
12. 10LEC6 – Augusta (ft. Dvno)
13. Dookoom – Bloodclart
14. Bad Wolves – Zombie
15. Interlude (The People)
16. Mélissa Laveaux – Nan Fon Bwa