this cannabis community is fighting for racial and gender inclusivity in the thriving weed industry

April 24, 2018
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“Cannabis has an inclusivity issue and we intend to solve it.”

Cannaclusive is a groundbreaking community of like-minded individuals who are driving the push for inclusivity and diversity inside the thriving cannabis industry. As cannabis production, entrepreneurship, and consumption becomes normalized in American culture, it’s more and more clear that black and NBPOC are being squeezed out of the Gold Age of the establishment of an industry we actually continue to be imprisoned for engaging in. Founded by Mary Pryor, Charlese Antoinette Jones, and Tonya Rapley-Flash, Cannaclusive is not only a community that advocates for our inclusion on the business-side of the industry, they combat harmful stigmas and stereotypes around cannabis use that limit access and spread disinformation.

To learn more about Cannaclusive, you have can check out their website, here.