Alxndr London

"Jury Judge Executioner"

Experimental | Neo-Soul | Electronic

The Spectacular Empire


premiere: afrofuturist electro-soul artist alxndr london’s “jury judge executioner” is ear melting

April 16, 2018
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“Sometimes I feel like a restless volcano; hot lava forever travelling. Jury Judge Executioner is me coming face to face with an understanding, and I’m one hundred percent at peace with it.”

Alxndr London’s music exists at the intersections of acute angles. Traces of neo-soul and electrofunk blend with his Afrofuturist aesthetic. On his latest single “Jury Judge Executioner,” Alxndr London bends his sharp angles into something unexpectedly smooth. Working with producer Haich, it’s an adventurous cut from an artist who is rarely anything less than adventurous. London describes his forthcoming 2023 EP as “an allegoric story arc where religious, political, satirical, spiritual, numerological and Afrocentric themes meet fantasy and science-fiction.”

The EP drops April 23rd. See Alxndr London live in London on April 25th at Oslo (Hackney).