PREMIERE: South African punk/noise collective DOOKOOM creates space for fans to heal and recharge

March 12, 2018
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Wavy as hell and visually stunning, ‘WHY DOOKOOM’ is a visceral short film from South African Alt. Hip-Hop band Dookom and their latest album ‘RIFFAK’. A raucous look behind the scenes as the group tears up venues and riles up a community in need of a powerful outlet that’s inaccessible through few places outside of a hardcore show and set to the soundtrack of their crazy-good ‘RIFFAK’, ‘Why DOOKOOM’ is a blunt conversation about the pain and repression of the South African people that calls attention to the band’s mission to offers a safe haven for healing through their music and at their shows.

“You know when you’re going to therapy and you have to face all the dark stuff, all the difficult stuff… Then you have a breakthrough and then you know you have digested and incorporated it and then you can move forward? I think that’s what we do. We’re like a big form of therapy,” Spo0ky tells AFROPUNK.

“DOOKOOM allows you to be as free as you want to be while we’re on stage […] we actually accept any emotions that you want to feel. And we don’t care if you bounce or if you stand and look at us and listen… This is the freedom we can give back to the people. DOOKOOM gave me that kind of freedom as well. I got creative freedom, bruh,” says Isaac Mutant.