Kiah Victoria





premiere: electro-soul singer kiah victoria fights corruption with resilience in the optimistic single “remedy”

March 8, 2018

This next premiere is from AFROPUNK vet Kiah Victoria and her latest single “Remedy”. A visceral lyrical track partially inspired by the ongoing water crisis in Flint, MI., partially inspired by the concept of what a home should be, “Remedy” examines the solace we seek and find and loved ones to fuel us for the next battle.

“The vision kind of stemmed from the idea that the home is a sanctuary and when you step outside your door, there really is no telling what sort of darkness you may encounter. I wanted to focus on family and colorful faces and sisterhood,” Kiah Victoria tells AFROPUNK. “My real life brother, sister and friends are featured for that reason. We also live together so I didn’t have to go too far to capture that genuine connection, thankfully. The feminine narrative was very important to me- particularly the sanctity of sisterhood. To me, sisterhood is a remedy. It was also crucial for me to show individual celebration (ie me dancing like a crazy lady in my backyard, free as hell.)”