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premiere: afro-brazilian web-series promotes community unification, black entrepreneurship, and autonomy

March 2, 2018
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‘Afronta’ is a Brazilian web series written and directed by Juliana Vicente, that invites contemporary black thinkers to the show to discuss their sense of belonging in the community, entrepreneurship, ancestrality, and afrofuturism. Recorded in both Brazil and the U.S., the series aims to foster conversations about the African diaspora, promoting our own autonomy as a community, challenging the status quo, and loving and accepting ourselves as a collective. So far, episodes feature sit-downs with artists like Anelis Assumpção, Karol Conka, Linikerand Tássia Reis, as well as blogger Magá Moura, the curator and creative director Diane Lima and the Rio de Janeiro ballet dancer from Dance Theater of Harlem, Ingrid Silva.

You can watch the series here!