Paris-based character designer melds mythology and matriarchs in versatile 2D illustrations

March 9, 2018
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Digital art and 2D design is on an incline–and as the technology increases, so does the caliber of the artform itself.

The latest proof of this comes in 2D character designer Raymond Sébastien, as he balances the line between fact and fiction, using texture and theme to tell a full story.

Currently working as a 2D artist on a mobile game, the Paris-based illustrator takes the art of character design to an all out mystical level; alternating subjects based on both real-life scenario, and mythological creatures. With his acute use of texture and detailed versatility, Sébastien provides an engaging range– from Wakandan Marvel characters to 90’s-era Queens– and takes viewers on a journey through a multitude of genres and interests.

As timely as it is entertaining, check out some of illustrator Raymond Sébastien‘s striking works below!