this enchanting children’s book celebrates the meeting of kindred spirits

March 13, 2018
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The Magic Of We is a breathtaking book and celebration of the meeting of kindred spirits and the supernatural bond that it yields. Write by Danielle Anderson-Craig and illustrated by Carly Dooling, The Magic Of We is tender children’s book that follows two children who are transported into a surreal, fantastic world of limitless creative possibility and play. And play they do amongst a lush backdrop of colors and magic their special friendships blooms, set to the sublime music of Grammy Award-winning musician Ikey Owens’ (Long Beach Dub Allstars,m The Mars Volta, Jack White) solo work.

This heartfelt story will not only restore your faith in love and the possibilities the universe holds, but it will uplift and inspire you.

The Magic Of We is published by Third Man Books and you can buy it, here.