becky tried it! this white south african woman is going to jail for hurling racist insults at black man

March 29, 2018
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You’ve probably noticed in very recent years that black folks in South Africa ain’t playin’ with you white folks any longer.

A white woman by the name of Vicki Momberg found out the South Africans weren’t playing that racism shit any longer when she was sentenced to 3 years in prison after using racial slurs back in 2016, where she was filmed making derogatory comments about the black police officers who responded to her call of a reported robbery. in the video, Momberg was heard speaking to another person on the phone where she called the officer’s ““kaffirs,” an apartheid-era slur for blacks.

“The kaffirs here in Joburg are terrible,” Momberg said. “I’m so sick of it. I really am.”
Enjoy prison, Becky!!