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alexandra shipp doubles down, says light skin actresses shouldn’t deny themselves roles

March 16, 2018
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According to actress Alexandra Sipp, light-skinned black and white bi-racial women are entitled to all the movie roles for black actors!

As a light-bright yellow girl with two black-ass parents, I’m gonna be the first to say that light skinned women are taking up too much damn space. Too much damn space on your Instagram feed, too much damn space on Tumblr, on TV, at the movies, on magazines, in songs, pretty much everywhere. From Beyonce to Halle Berry, Jhené Aiko, Zendaya, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. We’re everywhere. So much so that Actor/activist Amandla Stenberg recently went public about stopping to pursue a role in ‘Black Panther’ due to her light-skinned complexion and the privilege that it disproportionally affords her, like roles in movies set in a fictionalized nation located at the point where Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan meet. AKA a place where most of the black people have deep and dark complexions.

But, no, y’all. Ya girl Alexandra Shipp is back at it again. After complaining that most of the “racism” she receives is from Black people (WTF?), she says that light-skinned women shouldn’t deny themselves acting roles (EVEN IF THAT MEANS DARK SKINNED WOMEN ARE NEVER REPRESENTED ONSCREEN) because she’s entitled to them, because reasons. You know, like how Cate Blanchett is entitled to play Michelle Obama.

“I understand that I have a certain amount of privilege that my skin affords me and everyone wants to be on the 25th floor with the rich, white man of America and if black people are on the first floor and people of lighter skin tones are on the second floor, I understand that we’re a little bit closer but there’s still strife,” Shipp told Heroine Magazine. “I need to set foot on the path that lies ahead, otherwise if I’m sitting here worrying about how my actions are going to affect everybody else, I’m never going to leave my house.”

So if that means her actions contribute to the overrepresentation of biracial/light-skin women and the continued marginalization of dark-skinned black women who face even more oppression than she does, oh fucking well, right?