transport to space in new afrofuturist album by south african soul artist zaki ibrahim, “the secret life of planets”

February 14, 2018

Zaki Ibrahim is back to the future with her new soul album The Secret Life of Planets. The Canada-based South African artist’s latest follows 2012’s Every Opposite, and shifts from into a fascination with space and the cosmos.

The music itself is futuristic soul at its best, blending retro R&B vibes with electronic production that will take you out of this world. Following the death of her father, the 13 part offering ponders deep philosophical themes like the limits of space and time.

“I was in the middle of writing this album when this was happening. It actually allowed me to deal with what I was feeling, and to explore a lot of themes of outer space, time travel, memories, and nostalgia. It took me away, but at the same time, got me even deeper into who I am. What, surprisingly, came out was more joy than grief. Making the album kind of helped me through all of this stuff.”

Listen to The Secret Life of Planets below!