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a shooting happened in a lgbtq+ club in vegas and no one is talking about it

February 27, 2018
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Frankly, it’s real hard to keep track of all the mass violence incidences that take place in the U.S. (trust, there are more than you know), but an important one that’s been glossed over, what club goers felt was, a targeted shooting at the Las Vegas Lounge, a safe public space that members of Vegas’ transwomen community have frequented for 20 years. A shower of bullets pierced the tinted black windows. “Nobody could see inside. They were targeting us,” said Callie Lou-Bee Heywood, whose left fibula and tibia were shattered by a bullet.

In the wake of the shooting, the Las Vegas Metro Police department’s Captain Kelly McMahill told the TransNetworking that “we work extremely closely with our transgender community…we don’t have anything at this moment to say that this is a hate crime, of course, I would never rule that out.” She continued “I will not put up with any hatred in the command area that I work in.” Blue Montana, Transgender Program Manager of the Las Vegas Gay and Lesbian Center wrote to us “a subject tried to enter [the Las Vegas Lounge] and was denied for reasons relating to their ID.”