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self-care finds a gorgeous home in women of color healing retreats in costa rica

February 14, 2018
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Created by Satya X, Women of Color Healing Retreats & Wellness Garden in Costa Rica (WOCHR) is the first retreat dedicated to Black women. Recently featured on the Vice News segment “Why Women of Color Are Trying to Get Out of The United States,” WOCHR provides an opportunity for women at the intersection of racialized and gendered experiences to construct safe spaces for necessary healing.

“We understand that black land is vital when it comes to rebuilding and sustaining black communities,” Satya explains, “so we have created a sanctuary for black women and people to practice self-care and unlearning outside of the United States.”

With a team consisting entirely of people of color, the company features yoga, wellness and spirituality-based activities for 6 days and 7 nights, “with an emphasis on de-colonizing and unlearning harmful Western ways of thinking.” But this necessary work does not just benefit adults. The organization also provides a wellness program for children of color in “underserved” communities in New York City.

“I created Women of Color Healing Retreats out of the desire to connect Black ‘Americans’ (Africans) to nature and themselves,” Satya says. Find out more about the organization here!