roots: organization offers trips to africa to young black americans

February 23, 2018
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Oh yassss motherland here we come!!!

Most of us have heard of Taglit-Birthright trips for young American Jews, but now young BLACK kids get the opportunity to make pilgrimage to THEIR homeland as well.

Thanks to the recently mounted organization ‘Birthright Africa‘, the tide is turning for a mass reckoning and return to all and every trail of the diaspora.

First set into motion by Chicago-based artist Ashley Johnson who–after realizing that an effort for African birthright was theorized but never fulfilled– teamed up with former investment banker, and daughter of a Sudanese diplomat Walla Elsheikh after finding she’d sparked the idea and domain name back in 2005. After diligent work the pair traveled to Ghana in 2016, solidifying their message and goal, and basing the prospect of the trip around the “Ghanaian principal of sankofa—in order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’re from.”

With further efforts combining with those of a City University program called Black Male Initiative (B.M.I.), the dream came to fruition as fundraisers enabled “all CUNY B.M.I. students of African descent between the ages of eighteen and thirty are eligible to apply for free ‘Birthright Africa ‘ trips.

This is big… so big that it’s going to take a while to make this common knowledge, but sooner or later, returning to the diaspora will turn from a dream to a tradition- and we can’t wait.

For now, learn more about the organization and all it has to offer here and book your ticket ASAP!