Blackfish Collective

North King Street

Hip-Hop | Indie Rap

Blackfish Collective Records


premiere: the new ep from hip-hop/grime act blackfish collective is here to blow up your ears

February 8, 2018
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Dublin’s Blackfish Collective blew up the stage at the 2017 AFROPUNK London Battle of the Bands and now they’re here for your speakers. The children of immigrants and asylum seekers from Angola, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, the collective formed out of a need to give voice to their experience, and they hold nothing back. Their latest EP North King Street takes its inspiration from the Bank of Ireland robbery, and throws out a call of righteous fury to tear down the houses of wealth. Collective founder Prettyboy Francis explains:

The EP is called North King Street which is the name of the street that we lived on, the first time we lived without our parents. Inspiration is also taken from the Bank of Ireland robbery on February 27, 2009. We feel it’s an honest representation and honest reflection of that time and how we felt. We were just trying to channel our anger onto the tracks.

The EP is accompanied by a short film to be screened at Junction House in Dalston, London, on February 12th 2018.