premiere: female rock band the txlips usher representation and rhythm with the release of latest ep “queens of the new age”

February 23, 2018
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With over half the population identifying as female it should come as no shock they’re growing to dominate pop-culture as we know it.

Making increasing waves and staking claims: the next big thing comes in the release of Rock band The Txlips‘ latest EP “Queens of The New Age”. The Atlanta-based female collective are some AFROPUNK alums bursting back onto the rock scene with a message-heavy project that brings representation in art to a whole new realm.

An ode to “Black Women standing up in the magical beings that they are”, these Black women have done just that; making their 4-track offering a platform as relatable as it is accessible. The EP itself– though melodic and thoughtful– adds a fresh new definition to rock as it The Txlips merge real-life realities (as young Black Women) with restless, everchanging musicality. If there was a script, these ladies are way off book– and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Queens of The New Age” tells tales of redemption and recognition, much needed in not only this art, but the society surrounding it as well– and with it’s ‘get up and go’ vibes, it is the perfect soundtrack to the New Age Black woman.

The bar is raised, and as you travel from track to track it only gets higher.

Check out the fire that is The Txlips and support the premiere of their latest EP “Queens of The New Age” below!