peep this psychedelic, self-lovin’ portrait series by london-based nikki farquharson

February 12, 2018

Created by London-based graphic designer and illustrator Nikki Farquharson, ‘Manifestations of Me’ is self-exploratory series and celebration of “the sensuality and vulnerability of the Black female body.” A four-piece series of mixed-media, self-portraits, Nikki brilliantly uses a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colors to create her own tapestry of identity, almost like a personalized kente cloth rooted in individual heritage and black sisterhood.

“Publicly, the Black female body is draped in so many layers of negative perceptions; often viewed as undesirable, aggressive and/or hyper-sexual, Farquharson” tells AFROPUNK. “We regularly find ourselves in a position of defense or self-censorship. I felt the need to express that Black women can be proud of our existence.”