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new lgbtq+ web series “hook-ups” illuminates romance through every lens

February 9, 2018
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Are you an underrepresented romantic looking for 2018’s new binge-worthy series?

Well look no further! Thanks to Chicago-based writer, director, and producer Arnetta Randall and her upcoming project “Hook-Ups”, every type of love is given a platform to play itself out in the most entertaining way.

Featuring previously recognized queer and trans actors like Milon V Parker, and James Moses, this series is one for the books as it sets out to not only unpack and illuminate the wide spectrum of modern dating practices, but redefine romcoms as we know it.

Since first gaining traction from her debut project “Kismet”, Randall has succeeded in tackling what’s arguably a creators most difficult task: telling a silenced story- and with “Hook-Ups”, she reworks the grain of storytelling and representation, carving out a special place for the LGBTQ + communities of color.

In her own words: “I wanted to create a queer web-series with people of color that felt honest. I wanted to see a story about a dark skin, voluptuous black woman, so I wrote episode 3. I read a lot about femme-phobia, so I wrote episode 5 that follows an effeminate gay man. I wanted to use comedy as a means to explore identity, gender,¬†and sexuality.” Following the production of “Hook-Ups” her goal remains to amplify the notion that no matter how one identifies, everyone wants to find love.

As with any community-driven, boundary-breaking independent work: support is needed- So check out their current Indiegogo campaign, and get to know the future of “Hook-Ups” now. Stay Tuned!