video premiere: france-based collective racine(s) express emotions through dance & innovation in performance “jidust”

February 28, 2018
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Step into the dark performance world of collective RACINE(S) in their latest piece, “JIDUST”: Energy of the Moment. A multi-media performance, Franco-Malian dancer Smaïl Kanouté’s body jerks erratically in front of Antonin Fourneau’s digital “Waterlight Graffiti” canvas, an innovative platform made of a material created from LED lights which light up when touched by water. To the music of Alan Gay and styled by Xuly Bët, Kanouté uses the lights to express emotional vulnerability and creativity.

Waterlight Gaffiti: an original creation of Antonin Fourneau
Dancer: Smaïl Kanouté
Director: Kevin Gay
Head operator: Maxime Col
Stylist: Xuly Bët
Music: Alan Gay

RACINE(S) is Kevin Gay (director), Henri Coutant (photographer), Smaïl Kanouté (artist and cancer)
RACINE(S) on Vimeo.