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fashion film “an alien in town” blends afrofuturism and lagos apparel for multimedia masterpiece

February 9, 2018
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JUST in time for NYFW, comes a Fashion film NY could never compete with.

From art director and now filmmaker Daniel Obasi comes “An Alien in Town”- a multi-media offering that’s as compelling as it is artistically rejuvenating.

The film stands as a contemporary fusion of afro-futurism, following two human fashion statements who assume the responsibility of teaching their newfound alien acquaintance how to blend into their “Lagos metropolis”; and while in partnership with Vlisco x AWCA designs, Obasi and his team use geography and the common material gifts of their surroundings to not only illuminate the fabrics of their country, but to touch themes of futurism in tandem with a pedestrianized, relatable setting.

Energizing the relevancy of African Fashion- complete with a color palette for the Gods and a visual tale for all the masses– “An Alien in Town” is a journey from start to finish; its stoic visuals and studied symbolism making dialogue unnecessary, and its anecdotes (both culturally specific and universal) making the concepts universal–this is one to watch.

Check out stills and the complete “An Alien in Town” below!

Art Direction & Styling: Daniel Obasi 
 Models: Rebecca FabunmiOke Tobi SubomiBenita Ango |
Videography: Ugo Oparadike & assistant Deji Adekoya 
Production Assistant: Ifeoma Kalu
Composer: Emmanuel Ejidike 
Editor: Matuluko Robert
Make up: Lauretta Orji 
Hair: Happiness Okon