this diy editorial series re-imagines the afrofuturism of black panther

February 28, 2018
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Inspired by the New Era of contemporary black storytelling in film and alternative black communities like AFROPUNK, this photo series is an inspired sartorial take on Marvel’s Black Panther. Borrowing images from lore and Norse mythology, creative director and hairstylist Jennifer Lord and her team of collaborators curated their own interpretation of afrofuturism with DIY flair through this editorial series.

“We enter an exquisite new era in African History–from The Land to the Caribbean to the Americas and Europe, the future of Africa shines brilliantly before us as ‘The Afrofuturist’ lights up the night,” says contributor Dalila Garcia. “Chadwick to Angela, Danai to Sterling, Lupita to Michael B, Joe Cole to Ryan to Nate Moore, Ruth Carter and over to you. Shine!”

Check it out, below!

Creative Director and Hair: Jennifer Lord of
Photographer: Daniel Nathan of @dnathanphoto
Make up: Ngozi Olandu Young @gozibeauty
Wardrobe Contributors: Erica Bentley of KeepersVintage @keepersvintage and Ngozi Olandu Young of The Noy Label @gozibeauty
Models: Cori Bullock @cori.bullock, Akhir Stewart @khikaichy, Brent Hudson @colaradosmoove
Writer: Dalila Garcia @DalilaBaileyGarcia