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comic series ‘yohance’ is the the african space opera you never knew you wanted

February 23, 2018
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Yohance is The African Space Opera comic series and animated film “you never knew you needed” and conveniently, we’re here to share it with you. Created by Paul Louise-Julie, Yohance follows the story of a gifted young thief who is embroiled in a century-old battle after stealing a precious crystal (probably not a good idea). Thrown in an intergalactic conflict involving ancient Empires, bounty hunters and a shadowy cast of character.

Already launched as a comic series in 2016, now, the creators of Yohance are developing the project into a 4k photorealistic animated film and running an accompanying Kickstarter campaign to bring the finished project to life. To learn more about supporting Yohance and getting your hands on digital copies of the comic book, here.