black queerness in the digital age gets a irresistable soundtrack in electronic project by ahomari, ‘cyberbae’

February 12, 2018
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Called arguably “Columbia’s most prolific songwriter” by the Free Times, South Carolina-based Ahomari is changing up the game. Also known as Blackqueermillenial, the artist’s latest project Cyberbae originally began as social commentary on social media’s affects on relationships, but as the singer’s moniker implies, there is hardly anything Ahomari does that is not Black and queer AF.

Cyberbae is an electronic project dedicated to Black queerness and the internet. How do we form and build relationships as Black folk’s harnessing technology that wasn’t built for us, but that we have made our own? The answers come in infectiously deep probings that are as melodic as they are profound.

“This project is very personal one and I’m incredibly proud of all the thought I put into it,” Ahomari says, noting that it was released on the first day of Black History Month.

Check out Cyberbae below!